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Training Leaders

READ Ministries has successfully implemented powerful leadership training and resourcing programs covering two critical areas for emerging churches in the former Soviet Union, Pastors/Church leaders and Church Librarian Counselors.

Pastors and Church Leaders

man-with-booksSince the inception of our Pastoral Training and Resourcing project, READ has been able to resource nearly 6,700 pastors and church leaders in areas starving for quality, well trained pastoral leaders. Amazing!

We will continue to grow this work because we see this as a critical aspect of spiritual investment in this part of the world. This project works in partnership with over 50 Bible Colleges and the Euro-Asian Accrediting Association, which is the accrediting body of these vital institutions.

Pastors and church leaders who attend several different theological and leadership-based tracks within these colleges receive a personal resource library to continue their training in both theology and Christian leadership.

Additionally, READ sponsors pastoral conferences each year bringing even larger numbers of pastors together for training. After several days of teaching and learning, they are given a library of resources to continue their growth. This is a massive benefit to them and to the congregations in which they serve, often with no pay.

As you can imagine, the impact of this leadership training is exponential in nature. Every well-trained pastor leads many new and growing believers who then reach out to their communities with the message of hope in Christ. Wow!

For a gift of $350 a church leader can be resourced with a 25 volume basic theological library and given training on how to use these tools effectively.  A gift of $15 provides one book in this collection.

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Church Librarian Counselors

librarianThe roles of pastors in the countries of the former Soviet Union are unique when compared to the role of pastors in the United States. Their focus is more teaching and leadership and less in the way of counseling and consultation. Because of this, there is a need for another type of leader in each of these church bodies. In partnership with regional Bible colleges and seminaries, READ has worked to develop a training and resource program to develop Church Librarian Counselors. This two-year program has proven to be a vital aspect of the overall spiritual growth for church attenders, newly converted Christians and believers who have been without resources to grow in the past.

An entire library consisting of 300 volumes of spiritual growth literature is given to each program graduate to take back to their local church. These highly trained Church Librarian Counselors make a huge impact on the local churches. READ is honored to participate in this incredible and transformative process.

Read the testimony of Valentina, a recent graduate of our Church Librarian Counselor program in central Ukraine.

A gift of $3,000 will provide for the two year training of a Church Librarian Counselor and a 300 volume church lending library.  The average cost of a church library book is about $6 so a gift of $25 will buy 4 books for a student.

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