Valentina - the Church's Cook Turned Librarian

Dec. 17, 2018

The weather was perfect on Saturday, June 2, 2018, in Kremenchug, Ukraine, as fifty students were joined by teachers, families, and friends to celebrate their graduation from Kremenchug Evangelical Seminary (KES).  Among these grads were 10 sisters and one brother who graduated from the department of Church Library Ministry, sponsored by READ Ministries. 

Valentina was one of the church librarian grads and after graduation she was eager to share her story.  Valentina lives in the city of Kremenchug and is a member of the oldest Baptist church in the city.  It has the reputation of being the most conservative and being cautious about accepting change and trying new ways of ministry.  But, when Valentina, the church’s chief cook with an infectious personality, asked for the church’s blessing to attend KES - they agreed!

Valentina shared, “I love to cook, but I wanted to learn more.  The church wanted to develop and grow our library, so I went to help our library.  My knowledge increased, and I liked everything!  I am very grateful for the teachers who put in us a lot of love and hard work.  I am grateful for the literature which will fill our libraries.  Especially grateful for the commentaries that I dreamt about.  Thank you very much!”

Valentina continues to cook for her church, and soul-food is on her menu these days!