While There Is Time, We Are Teaching

Apr. 8, 2014

Volodymyr Shemchyshyn is the president of Odessa Theological Seminary in Odessa, Ukraine.  He is a respected Christian leader and has served as one of READ Ministries' consultatnts for more than ten years.  

Brother Shemchyshyn reports on how his city of Odessa and the work of his seminary are being impacted by the current crisis in Ukraine:


Greetings from Odessa Theological Seminary. 

As I am sure you know, Odessa is part of southern Ukraine, and so far, Odessa is still indeed Ukraine.  However, nobody knows what tomorrow holds.  Half a year ago nobody in Ukraine had even the slightest inkling about what turmoil was about to fall on our country.  Today, we have what we have, or rather what we don’t have anymore-Crimea. 

Among the various future possibilities in Ukraine, the most disturbing is that a further split could cover south and east Ukraine.  This would most likely trigger a war.  If this were to happen, this war could potentially not just be a local struggle but grow into a large-scale international military conflict. 

All churches in Ukraine are fervently praying that this would not happen.  We are asking you to cry to God and to stand with us and beseech our Father to protect us from bloodshed. 

Please pray for us!  Please pray for peace in Ukraine.  Pray that our political leaders will have the wisdom to save the country from war.  If a war starts, Odessa would be in the midst of the conflict.  We hope and pray that this will not happen. 

In the meantime, while there is still time for us to teach students, we are teaching.

Volodymyr Shemchyshyn