Russia Claims Ukraine's Crimea

Mar. 20, 2014

The following report was received on March 19, 2014 from READ's ministry partners in the city of Konotop, Sumy oblast, Ukraine.  It is a fresh, first hand account of events in this northern Ukrainian city which lies close to the borders with Belarus and Russia.


Hello Pastor Bill, 

Greetings to you from Voice of Truth Church.  

We continue to pray for peace in Ukraine.  Putin annexed part of our country – Crimea.  Thank God that it was not leading to numerous casualties.  We don't know what will be his next step.  There is a danger of an invasion into other part of Ukraine.  First of all there is a danger for the north of the country (the part where we live).

We have found out that more Ukrainian troops came to our city of Konotop to guard our military airfield.  Ex-President Yanukovych brought the country to the terrible economic conditions.  Treasury is empty.  It was announced on television that our army needs help.  There was not enough food for the arriving soldiers.  Our Pastor Yuriy and other members drove to the military base and gave some food and our donations for the army.

It was a real pride to see how many people responded to this call.  People brought a lot of food, socks and underwear.  There were children who were giving money from their pocket money. There were old grandmothers who were crying and praying.  They remember the Second World War and they brought what they could from their homes.

We are pleased to see how the nation is united in these difficult days.  We are happy because more people are turning to God today.  When the night is more darker, the stars are brighter. When the pain is stronger, the God is closer.

With Love in Christ,