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I praise the Lord for all the efforts you make to provide books for pastors in Ukraine. I am very much excited about your library project. 

For all the years of communism, believers were deprived of any theological resources.  This was done to knock out the spiritual sword from their hands.  When my grandfather was arrested by KGB, they made sure that his theological library would be burned - they knew that Christian books would undermine their efforts to corrupt people in USSR and to destroy the Lord's kingdom.

And now READ Ministries provides pastors with libraries which not only will help to enrich their spiritual life, but will also enhance their ministries, and will take them to the new level of maturity and faithfulness to the Scripture. I do not know any other ministry which is like READ Ministries, so faithful to provide theological resources to churches and their pastors in Ukraine.

Sincerely in Him,
Anatoly Prokopchuk, President
Kiev Theological Seminary