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Ministry Overview » A Modern Day Doctor Luke

Photo of Pastor Sergei for page 4Sergei, a non-Christian physician, was in Moscow to attend a meeting when he saw for the first time a copy of the New Testament and Psalms, written in Russian, at the home of a friend. Fascinated, he bought a copy of the Scriptures for himself and slowly began to work his way through.  “I didn’t understand it,” he says, “but God was working in me.  “In the spring of that year, another doctor friend introduced me to Jesus Christ, and I repented.  From that moment on, my love for the Scriptures and for Christian books blossomed.”  Sergei went to seminary and became a pastor.  He is now an enthusiastic supporter of his church library, urging his people to tap into the written word for encouragement, inspiration, and knowledge of church history.

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