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Ministry Overview » A Church Planting Librarian

Photo of Neonila for page 5

Neonila was a lifelong book-lover when she came to faith in Christ as an adult.  She began to pray about how God might use her love of reading to reach out to others.  She enrolled in the Rivne Regional Bible College, assembled a collection of children’s literature, and began recruiting neighborhood kids for story time and craft-making sessions.  She invited their parents to church services.  Soon adults wanted to purchase the books, so Neonila set up a small book store.  She launched a Sunday afternoon street library, circulating Christian books in different parts of the city and talking with people about God. She began inviting outsiders to come to their library for Bible studies.  Five of the growing group came to know Jesus Christ, were baptized, and joined the church.  By the time she completed her librarian degree, she and her friends had started a new daughter congregation in the building that houses their library.  

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